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Hello! We're available for gigs around New Orleans. Looking to play as a band or with a singer.

And now, the bio:

Jazzacadabra is an original jazz project, inspired by the height of jazz from the 1910s through the 1950s. When melodies were memorable and every hit song in a musical became a jazz standard. When recording was not widespread and live performances were the norm. When televisions, much less computers, weren't around to distract us. When piano was considered entertainment. We hope we've got your attention.

The songwriter behind Jazzacadabra is Alan Bailey, who tired of playing the standard jazz tunes written by songwriters from long ago, while also admiring the composition techniques. Jazzacadabra currently has a repertoire of over thirty songs, in a variety of styles, from swings and sambas, to ballads and bossa novas.

Jazzacadabra, as a project, moved around the world before settling in New Orleans. Some songs were written while working on cruise ships, including the song written first, "When You Begin". The initial group with a singer and band recorded and performed in Chicago. A few songs were written and a few performances were had in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Jazzacadabra has placed roots in New Orleans, and we are actively looking for gigs. Jazzacadabra can perform in many formats: simply as solo piano for restaurants or cocktail hours, as an instrumental group for improvisational jazz, or with a female singer for audiences seeking that personal touch. We will always include some classic tunes, beyond the repertoire of original songs.

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New recordings coming soon!

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This is me playing my original tune, "Trouble Bound", aboard the Creole Queen riverboat:

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The book of Jazzacadabra leadsheets can be downloaded at the following link:

Jazzacadabra Collection

The whole collection and individual songs are registered with the US Copyright office, and with BMI. Performance and recording are allowed only with permission.

To book Jazzacadabra, email

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